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“For 10 years, we have enjoyed MBP’s well-working, tailor-made by-product solutions for feed applications.”

Joaquín Gajardo, General Manager, Triogroup, Chile

“In 2014 we have received prompt and competent help with legal compliance issues and sales solutions for our rising Omega-3 by-product volumes. We look forward to continue our cooperation in 2015.”

Daniele Polettini, Supply Chain Director, KD Pharma, Germany



New Partnership between MBP Group and ReSource International ehf.

(November 26, 2015) NEUCHÂTEL and HafnarfjÖrður – MBP Group has acquired 40% of the shares in the Icelandic company Resource International. The acquired shares are new shares and the purchase amount is exclusively used for expanding the capabilities of ReSource International.

The share purchase means that ReSource International will be able to benefit from the large international contact network of MBP Group. ReSource International offers environmental engineering services in the industries of anaerobic digestion, waste water treatment and renewable energy. ReSource International’s services range from analyses and substrate testing in own lab to operational management of facilities.

MBP Group is handling an annual volume of 190.000 t of by-products from biological industries on a yearly basis and sees a growing interest from their customers in optimizing their handling of by-product streams. CEO of MBP Group, David Magnussen stated: “We see a steady growth in regulation of this area, as well as a growth in sophistication and complexity. More and more companies are seeing outsourcing of some or part of their by-product and waste handling as attractive in order to achieve both a high level of competency and compliance as well as operational excellence. We want to develop and offer solutions in this area in cooperation with our existing and new customers.”

CEO of ReSource International Nicolas Proietti stated: “We see that the environmental engineering based expertise that we have in ReSource International is able to improve the management and operation of biogas plants as well as waste water treatment plants. We are excited to start exploring the synergies with MBP and grow internationally.”

About ReSource International
ReSource International proposes an innovative approach in environmental expertise and residual resource management. The company integrates in one business, environmental engineering consulting, residual resources sales and operation and maintenance of environmental facilities.
Services are intended for production industries, municipalities and agrosector farms and industries that are in need for expertise of environmental engineering and residual resource management.

About MBP Group
MBP Group founded in 1999 and headquartered in Neuchâtel-Switzerland, is globally active and does business in 49 countries. MBP Group has storage and production facilities in six countries and is represented through offices in 9 countries on four continents. MBP is focusing on adding value to by-products that might otherwise be considered waste from industries. With a focus on applications in biofuel, anaerobic digestion, animal feed as well as fertilizers and technical applications MBP makes sure that the by-products are innovatively recycled. MBP Group employs 50 people and reported a turnover of 56 MEUR in 2014.

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David Magnussen,
CEO MBP Group, MBP Group, Cret-Taconnet 13, 2000 Neuchatel, Switzerland
dma@mbpgroup.eu +41 76 327 2585.

Nicolas Proietti,
CEO ReSource International, Fornubúðir 12, 220 Hafnarfjörður, Iceland
nicolas@re-source.is +354 842 5864


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