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"We are pleased with Biofuel 18 and MBP. We have no measurable dust emissions."

Ole Elkjær Larsen, Operational Manager, Hanstholm District Heating, Denmark

"MBP’s experience was of great assistance during our conversion to biofuel. MBP meet all our demands when it comes to quality, price, service and we are glad to continue our collaboration."

Runar Molinder, Manager Tekniska Verket, Köping Municipality, Sweden

"Svendborg District Heating has always experienced that MBP is delivering high quality at the right time."

Carl Madsen, CEO, Svendborg District Heating, Denmark



Expanded potato feed portfolio – Potato Fibre and Potato Starch

MBP has expanded our potato assortment. Along with Potato Protein we can now provide Potato Fibre and Potato Starch. Potato Fibre is an excellent dietary fibre suitable for piglets as well as for pet food. Farm studies have given positive results for weaning pigs when adding 1-2% of potato fiber in the...

Heat treated oat meal for feed

MBP offers stable quantities of processed oat meal. The oat meal is dehulled and contains no fibres. It also has a higher fat content than whole oat. The oat product can be purchased as a powder or in pellets form. Due to the heat treatment process, the oat meal has a high digestibility and is especially suitable for young animals. It is a high...

New feed product – Guar protein

MBP is glad to announce that we are now selling Guar protein in Scandinavia. Guar is a leguminous, from the same family as soy. It has a high nutritional value due to a high level of essential amino acids and high fat content. The products have been heat treated which gives them a high digestibility, palatability and low levels of anti...

MBP Group in strong position to supply sustainable bio-oils in Europe

MBP Group are pleased to announce we have achieved an ISCC DE sustainability certificate for the Scandinavian collection of Used Cooking Oil (UCO).  The ISCC DE certificates have been awarded to the group companies MBP Bio Production AS in Norway and Sveprol Bio Production AB in Sweden that collect...

MBP is now an authorised waste trader in Europe.

In December 2012 MBP received the official certificate that we are now a registered waste broker and trader in the Netherlands. This allows MBP to handle by-products that are classified as waste by Dutch authorities like bleaching earths, distillation residues etc.. The registration came after passing a test showing that our...



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